Can you believe it, can you believe it? shout’s John Aldridge commentating on one of the most incredible European comebacks of all time on LFC.TV. The Anfield crowd, everyone in the pub and everyone worldwide sitting at home watching this game went wild. Liverpool are known for making their European nights at Anfield very special but this one has to top some of the all time greats that we already have. Surpassing both Chelsea semi-final’s, the Arsenal quarter final match and maybe just maybe better than Istanbul? OK maybe that last one is up for debate but nonetheless, just a wonderful, wonderful game of football to watch.Liverpool’s worst nightmares came through when they found themselves 2-0 down after 9 minutes and we did start to fear the worst. Dortmund stunned us but we pushed on, we were brave, we were courageous, we fought on what seemed to be a losing battle but we never once gave up. It’s the kind of passion we have been missing the last few years but under Klopp its starting to come back.

The big moment was the introduction of Joe Allen in my opinion.This player has been immense for us the last few months and he threw the pendulum back Liverpool’s way and he deserves a lot of credit for the comeback. Another player who deserves credit is Dejan Lovern. Where has this Lovern been? cementing his place as our number 1 centre back and scoring the winner in the 91st minute at the Kop end to beat Dortmund in the quarter final is something he will remember for the rest of his life.

The amazing Anfield crowd also deserves a tonne of credit for sticking behind the team. We see it far to often now, were teams are losing and the fans just don’t bother to help the team pick themselves up. Rather they just leave the stadium altogether. You all know the teams that are famous for that.

Fantastic to see Origi bag himself another goal, he’s got frightening pace and next season he could be a real force with a fully fit Daniel Sturridge and the returning Danny Ings who I still think will flourish under Klopp. Coutinho scores another typical Coutinho goal, found it quite similar to his goal against Spurs. Another big performance from him and hopefully he can continue that kind of form until the end of the season.

The consistency needs to stay where it is and its the most consistent we’ve been all season. We’re scoring goals, constant threat going forward, yes the defence is still an issue but tonight nobody cares that we conceded 3 goals at home. The performance was stunning, in truth there’s no real word to describe it, it was that good. Smiles are coming back to faces again and we hope and pray these smiles arent going away any time soon.

It’s a night we will never forget. Klopp’s army of players will look to go again and make it past the semi final stage and get to the final in Basel on the 18th of May.