Not the kind of news you want to hear on the eve of your opening game of the season but Philippe Coutinho had indeed handed in a transfer request and wishes to leave Liverpool football club.

Did we see this coming? Honestly. No.

Maybe I’m a biased fan but I didn’t think Coutinho was that type of player but nowadays which player doesn’t act like this. We seen Luis Suarez do it when Liverpool rejected Arsenal and we are seeing it happening all over Europe this summer.

These days footballers have too much control over what happens to them and their agents never help. Contracts mean absolutely nothing anymore in this day and age but I don’t like to bad talk Coutinho because like he said and like we all know he is Brazilian and as a young footballing kid you support Barcelona. That is the dream move and I can’t blame him for wanting that. I just don’t understand the timing of it all.

We have 3 weeks left of the Transfer Window and if Coutinho did leave where does that leave LFC? Because who can we get in that short space of time. It’s incredibly hard as it is to sign players but with just 3 weeks it’s impossible and for me Coutinho needs to understand that and he should if he loves the club like he says he does.

So the main question is, will Coutinho leave? For me I don’t think he will. I just can’t see us selling and not getting a good enough replacement. Over the years we have sold our world class players and panicked and bought terribly. Like Alberto Aqualini to replace Xabi Alonso. Christian Poulsen to replace Javier Mascherano. Big Andy Carroll to replace Fernando Torres and Mario Balotelli to replace Luis Suarez. Coutinho to stay for 12 more months but anything could happen in this crazy transfer window.