Only one place to start with Man City and Liverpool and that’s the Sadio Mane sending off. Now by now you guys know I’m pretty hardcore Liverpool fan and this isn’t me been biased, if this was a different game and this incident happened I’d have the same opinion and I’m sorry to say but John Moss got it completely wrong. To quote Gary Neville “Sorry John Moss but you’ve ruined a spectacle here” and hearing that from a Manc tells you everything you need to know.

Mark Clattenburg also didn’t think it was a red and in truth social media has been rampant with dismay. We’ve seen such a challenge time and time again but does anyone know the actual rule for a high foot? We seen Hector Bellerin with a high foot on Salah two weeks ago but nothing was said and yes Mane made contact with Ederson but his eyes were purely on the ball so it’s not like Mane went to hurt the player deliberately.

Another view is it’s a foul on the goalkeeper but the fool wasn’t inside the box, Ederson was well out of his box and if anything it’s a yellow but for me even that was a stretch. If you’re a player or even a forward player you’re not going to move out of that challenge and Mane had every right to go for that ball.

Obviously the sending off changed the game and yes Liverpool threw in the towel too easy for my liking but when you’re playing a footballing side like Man City are it’s going to be hard. Playing them 11 v 11 is hard but with a man down its torture and City capitalised on that.

Again defensive there has to be questions and only Klopp can answer the decision on why another defender wasn’t brought in but we can complain and moan about this 10,000 times over but it’s going to change nothing.

It’s been a bad day at the office, every team has one, Klopp needs to dust this down as just one of  those days and needs to get the lads ready for their Champions League return.